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Modern concepts and media

Our classrooms are equipped with modern technology; the use of up-to-date material makes the learning process a joyful experience.

The use of additional teaching material is an important part of the teaching process; in all of our classes we use multimedia textbooks precisely adjusted to support each course level. A copy of the textbook can be purchased from our institute or from any other bookshop. At our institute we also provide you with various other supportive materials free of charge with helpful language exercises, a glossary of translations and past examination papers to aid your exam preparation. We also provide a very useful Internet service, where you can log in to our website and find additional material relating to the course you are studying. At Plurilingua Language Centre we feel it is important to create an inspiring learning environment, therefore we keep a collection of papers, magazines, DVD’s and dictionaries in all the languages we teach and welcome you to visit our institute at any time during our opening hours to browse through the collection.

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