Our teachers are native speakers

Our teachers are mainly native speakers which encourages the sole use of the target language in the classroom. You get familiar with today's spoken language.

All of our teachers at PLURILINGUA language school hold university degrees and most are native speakers of the language which they teach, therefore having the necessary skills required by the Cypriot Ministry of Education for language teaching in officially recognised schools. It is essential that our teachers regularly participate in training courses designed to improve their teaching skills and continually further their knowledge of the latest research developments in language teaching. Due to their experience in teaching they are able to help you through any difficulties or problems you may have in your learning, aiding you efficiently and responsibly to improve your language skills.

At PLURILINGUA good teamwork is considered a vital element of the smooth running of the school, as a result our teachers meet weekly to exchange ideas and to coordinate activities within the school. Our teachers are highly motivated and committed people, equipped and able to handle all of your personal requests with flexibility, and as the individual interests of every student are taken into consideration, our classes appeal to all.

  • Afroditi
    Afroditi French teacher

    Afroditi teaches French at Plurilingua. She has just moved to Limassol from Denver USA, “where the west lives”! She was born in Greece and attended a French private school for 13 years. She holds a degree in French Language and Literature from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is interested in linguistics and enjoys discovering other cultures. She loves swimming, canoeing and playing tennis as well as travelling and being with her friends.

  • Alex
    Alex English teacher

    Alex Christofides is a native speaking English teacher based in Limassol. Alex is a British born Cypriot who has studied and trained as an English teacher in the UK. After doing a degree in Photography and Journalism he went on to do a Masters in Photojournalism followed by a Cambridge Certificate in Teaching Language to Adults (CELTA). Since 2010 he has taught in both groups and on a one to one basis to a range of age groups and backgrounds. Alex enjoys living and working in Limassol and has a passion for teaching and keeping fit, he enjoys running and swimming and when he can taking pictures and listening to music.

  • Cristina
    Cristina Spanish teacher

    Cristina is a native Spanish and Greek teacher. She has recently moved to Limassol from Athens, Greece, but was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is particularly interested in Mesoamerican civilizations and History in general. She enjoys mountain trips and likes watching football. Don’t think she knows how to dance the tango. Only the first eight steps…¡CARAMBA!

  • Erik
    Erik German Teacher

    Erik teaches German at the language school. Originally from Germany, where he taught German as a foreign language, he moved to Limassol in 2018. His passion is archaeology and experiencing different cultures. That’s why, apart from the classroom, you will most often find him on ancient sites.

  • Eugenia Lunati
    Eugenia Lunati Italian teacher

    The Italian teacher at Plurilingua School is Eugenia Lunati. She is from Milano and has moved to Cyprus in 2001: new millennium, new country!! She is an avid reader, passionately fond of greek mythology and roman history. But the real love of her life is little Diletta, 10 years old “greek-roman” baby!

  • Katrin
    Katrin German teacher

    Katrin is a German teacher at the language school. She grew up in Germany, and after having lived in Denmark, Sweden and Belgium moved to Limassol in 2014. She likes learning new languages herself and really enjoys teaching German. She loves books, travelling, hiking and spending time with her kids. And of course being on the beach 🙂

  • Kerstin
    Kerstin German - French teacher

    Kerstin is German and French and grew up in Düsseldorf, Germany. She studied German/French literature and International Politics and worked many years in communication before starting teaching German. She loves to be involved in charity and to try unusual sports. Her passion is travelling and meeting people from different cultures. Ten years ago she took a year off to backpack around the world.

  • Nikoletta
    Nikoletta Greek teacher

    Nikoletta teaches Greek at Plurilingua. She studied Greek philology and Developmental Linguistics and she has been teaching Greek for the last couple of years. She enjoys reading books, hanging out with good friends and travelling! She finds the process of teaching Greek very fascinating, and that reflects on her work, which is full of enthusiasm and creativity. Through interactive learning, her students do not only learn how to read and write, but also how to express themselves in Greek and participate in everyday-life conversations.

  • Paul
    Paul English teacher

    Paul teaches English at Plurilingua. He has been back in Cyprus for the past three years, teaching English and English Literature. He has taught English as a foreign language for many years, in the UK, Italy and now in Cyprus. Paul also enjoys teaching creative writing. He loves writing, reading, playing guitar and tries to keep fit by swimming and cycling.

  • Ruth Veh-Ioannou
    Ruth Veh-Ioannou Director - German teacher

    Ruth Veh-Ioannou is the director and teaches German at the language school. She has been living in Cyprus for over 10 years now and enjoys mountain hiking and travelling. Ruth likes reading, good food and outdoor activities.

  • Sibylle
    Sibylle English and German Teacher

    Sibylle teaches English and German at Plurilingua. She is originally from Northern Germany and has also lived in South Carolina, USA. Sibylle is a qualified secondary school teacher and has been teaching foreign languages for many years. She loves spending time with her children and being outdoors and has got a passion for travelling and music. 

  • Tareq
    Tareq Arabic Teacher

    Tareq is the newest member of plurilingua family. He is from Syria, a lawyer and an arabic language teacher.
    He moved to Cyprus in 2016. He likes to travel and meet new people from all over the world. He tries to make Arabic language interesting to learn as much as possible, while he explains the beauty of arabic language, he enjoys the experience of teaching it with every lesson.
    He loves sports, music, cinema and he spends most of his time on the computer trying to learn something new every day.

  • Valentina
    Valentina Russian Teacher

    My name is Valentina. I’m native speaking Russian teacher. Originally I’m from the South of Russia. I enjoy living and teaching in Cyprus. I like learning new languages, travelling and reading books. My passion is interactive learning using new technology. My students have fun in the lesson and like to learn Russian.

  • Virginie
    Virginie French teacher

    Virginie is a native French teacher. She is originally from the centre of France and has been in Cyprus for almost 10 years. She is passionate about people discovering her language, culture and traditions. Dancing, swimming and meeting friends are also part of her daily routine.

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