General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for all Language Centre Programmes

1.    The course fees have to be paid in advance.

i.    Yearly Programme: The course fees have to be paid at the beginning of each month. Course fees are not refundable.
ii.    Package: The full course fees have to be paid at enrolment. Course fees are not refundable.
iii.    Intensive: The full amount has to be paid to our bank account no later than 28 days before the beginning of the course.
Bank details (from abroad):
Co-operative Central Bank Ltd
IBAN: CY 35007030200000000040198714

Bank details (from within Cyprus)
Co-operative Central Bank
Branch: Limassol Co-operative Savings Bank Ltd
Account-No. : 030-4019871-4

Course fees are not refundable.

iv.    Private Tuition: The fees have to be paid weekly in advance. Cancellations are accepted up to eight hours before the scheduled lesson. Course fees will not be refunded if a lesson is cancelled less than eight hours beforehand.

2.    There are no registration fees.

3.    Plurilingua Language Centre reserves the right to cancel courses that fail to meet the minimum recruitment level before commencement. In this case, all fees which have been paid in advance will be refunded.

4.    Children, parents or spouses of students get a price reduction of 10%. There is no price reduction for private tuition.

5.    Duration of courses / public holidays / holidays:
Courses begin and end as indicated in the course programme. They are not calculated on an hourly basis. Any official Greek holidays have been considered in the programme. Therefore, classes coinciding with holidays are not rescheduled. If there are any cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances, classes will be rescheduled.

The Language Centre will be closed on the following public holidays:
1st October
Green Monday
25th March

1st of April
1st May
Whit Monday
Easter: Good Thursday – Easter Tuesday
Christmas: 24th December – 3rd January
The Language Centre will be closed in August.
6.    A certificate of attendance is provided to every student that has not been absent for more than 10 lessons in a yearly course and not more than 3 lessons in a 24-lesson-course.

7.    Insurance: The course fee does not include any kind of insurance. The student has to pay compensation for damage caused by himself or herself (e.g. if he or she is guilty of negligence or has used electrical appliances incorrectly). He or she is held liable for all damage directly concerning the damaged party, e.g. the landlord. If a participant causes any damage, for which PLURILINGUA is held liable, the institute is entitled to reimbursement by the participant.

8.    Accommodation service: The reservation of a room is only possible if the student has registered for an Intensive Summer Course.

9.    Data security: With the students' consent, their data is processed electronically. Personal data will at no time be passed on to third parties.