Individual Tuition
Designed to your needs

This programme is designed for students who do not have the time to join a course or for those who would prefer a programme designed specifically to meet their needs. It offers the students the opportunity for rapid progression and the ability to schedule their classes flexibly. As the student, it is for you to decide the pace and duration of your learning process and together with your teacher you will be able to set yourself particular goals. There are no pre-set dates for this course, the time and date is arranged to suit you. Fees for adults: package of 10 lessons/ each 90 min = €390, package of 10 lessons/ each 60 min = €290 for school children: 90 min € 38     60 min = € 28

At Plurilingua Language Centre from 01 Aug 18 07:00 to 01 Sep 19 20:00 - Hosted by Plurilingua Language Centre - Italian Courses - Details

Italian for adults
all levels

Italian for adults This course is suitable for beginners whose interest lies mainly in communication. The students on this course will be dealing with a more natural context, which will enable them to cope more easily with different situations from everyday life. The course content is of realistic and contemporary interest and is arranged flexibly to meet the needs of the whole class. Listening, reading, speaking and writing as the four important language skills will be equally practiced in the classroom. Your teacher will help you studying the language by instructing you clearly and thus enabling you to develop and to explain grammatical rules and structures on your own and independently. You will gain a solid linguistic basis for making yourself more familiar with the language and culture of your target language. Courses are offered at all levels (A1, A2, B1 and B2) When can I start ? new courses in September 2018     How often ? course of 10 lessons, 1 lesson per week - 90min Duration? 10 weeks On which days ? will be arranged Fees Package of 10 lessons: €165                     Minimum number of participants: 3 Maximum number of participants: 8 The teaching material is not included in the fees.

At Plurilingua Language Centre from 01 Aug 18 07:00 to 01 Sep 19 18:00 - Hosted by Plurilingua language Centre - Italian Courses - Details