German for Children and Young Adults

The event will start on: 01 Aug 18 07:00
And will end on: 01 Sep 19 16:00
Location: Georgiou Karaiskaki 1, 3032 Limassol
Tel. / Fax +357 25 34 02 01

German class


Our courses are designed to prepare you for studying in Germany, or for an internationally recognized exam. Courses for children between 6 and 11 years of age:  The basics of the German language are taught to small groups (a maximum of 6 children). The lessons include a variety of activities which are fun for the children but which develop the learning process and awaken the desire to learn more. Starting German from the primary school  your child can sit the first internationally recognized German exam FIT 1 after the first year.

Young adults: If you want to study abroad in a German speaking country or need a further qualification in one of the internationally recognized German exams, this is the right course for you. The Cypriot schools final examinations are recognized by German universities as high school entitlement without any additional exams necessary. The second necessary prerequisite for admission to study at a German high school is the completion of one of the two German exams (DSH or TestDaf).

We will prepare you for the exam TestDaf which can be completed in one's home country.

5th year primary school:                A1 level, FIT1 exam

6th year primary school:                A2 level, FIT2 exam
1st and 2nd year gymnasium:         B1 level exam: Zertifikat
3rd year gymnasium:                     Mittelstufe B2.1
1./2.year lyceum:                           Mittelstufe/intermediate B2.2, exam B2
2nd / 3rd year lyceum:                    Oberstufe/advanced C1, exam TestDaf

If you start later (from the gymnasium) we will prepare you in four years for the Zertifikat exam.

The Zertifikat is recognized worldwide by employers as proof of a good level of German and will help you if studying in Germany. The preparation time for the high school exam is shortened.

You will save time and money and reach your goal more quickly.


Courses for Children and Young Adults


When can I start ?

From 10th of September 2018


How often ?

2 lessons per week, 60min each for A1, young children

2 lessons per week, 90min each for all other levels and age groups




A yearly course running until the end of June


On which days ?

please contact the institute for exact dates and times, all levels are available




€78 per month for 60 min

€98 per month for 90 min



Minimum participants: 3

Maximum participants: 8