Greek for adults

The event will start on: 01 Aug 18 16:30
And will end on: 02 Sep 19 18:00
00357 25340201
Location: Georgiou Karaiskaki 1, 3032 Limassol

Greek for adults

This programme is suitable for learners whose interest lies mainly in communication. The students on this course will be dealing with a more natural context, which will enable them to cope more easily with different situations from everyday life. The course content is of realistic and contemporary interest and is arranged flexibly to meet the needs of the whole class. Listening, reading, speaking and writing as the four important language skills will be equally practiced in the classroom. Your teacher will help you studying the language by instructing you clearly and thus enabling you to develop and to explain grammatical rules and structures on your own and independently. You will gain a solid linguistic basis for making yourself more familiar with the language and culture of your target language. Complementing the three levels Greek  1,2,and 3  you will be able to take an internationally recognized exam (Certificate of attainment in Greek)

When can I start ?

on Mon 24 09 2018


How often ?

course of 10 lessons, duration 5 weeks, 2 lessons per week, 90min each 

course of 10 lessons, duration 10 weeks, 1 lesson per week. 120 min

On which days ? 

A1 beginner level: Mon and Thu 7-8.30pm, starting on Mon 24 09 2018

A2: Tue 7-9pm, starting on Tue 25 09 2018


Package of 10 lessons/ each lesson 90 min: € 145 (for courses running twice per week)

Package of 10 lessons/ each lesson 120 min = € 200 (for course running once per week)

Teaching material (textbook, audioCD and hand-outs): € 30

Minimum number of participants: 3
Maximum number of participants: 10