English for Children and Young Adults

The event will start on: 01 Aug 18 07:00
And will end on: 01 Sep 19 20:00
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Location: Georgiou Karaiskaki 1, 3032 Limassol




Our courses are designed to prepare your child for studying in the UK or the USA or at any other university in the world where an English entry exam is required.


Courses for young learners: Children between 6 and 11 years of age


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The basics of the English language are taught in small groups (a maximum of 6 children). The lessons include a variety of activities which are fun for the children and at the same time develop the learning process and inspire them to learn more.
In our first year Pre-Junior class your child will have two 60 minute lessons a week. From the second year onwards the hours will be increased to 90 minutes twice a week.

When do we start?

From 10 09 2018


How often?

Two lessons per week, 60 min each (Pre-Junior) or 90 min each (from Junior A onwards)


Yearly course (running until June 2019)


On which days?


timetables for all classes running will be published in the first week of September 2018







€75 per month for the Pre-Junior + Starters Course (60 min, twice per week), €85 for the Junior A-B-C Courses (90 min, twice per week)


Courses for teenagers and young adults:


These courses takes place twice a week and get you ready for further studies or work. From intermediate to advanced levels, these will prepare you for a particular goal such as the IELTS, IGCSE and TOEFL exams. Small groups of a maximum of 8 students and modern, communicative and effectively organised lesson material guarantee ideal learning success. Our experienced teachers are native speakers who will take your personal needs into account.


1st year gymnasium


A2 level exam: KET or Flyers

2nd year gymnasium


B1 level exam: PET

3rd year gymnasium


B2 level exam: FCE

1st year lyceum


C1 level exam: IGCSE

2nd year lyceum


C2 level exam: IELTS

When can I start?

From 10 09 2018


How often?

2 lessons per week, 90 min each


Yearly course (running until the end of June)


On which days? 

timetables for all classes will be published in the first week of September 2018



School children and students: €85 per month for KET and PET classes, €95 for  IGCSE classes

Minimum number of participants: 3
Maximum number of participants: 6