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Alpha Aktiv Privates Bildungsinstitut, situated in the centre of

Heidelberg, is located near several bus routes. A comfortable 1-minute

walk takes you to the city centre, the Hauptstrasse and its side streets,

where numerous cafes, galaries and our school are found. The

atmosphere in the school is international, friendly, open and personal.

The staff speaks English, Spanish, French and, of course, German.

Our School is recognised and approved by the Ministry of Education

and the Ministry of Tourism.

The teachers are all highly qualified and experienced in teaching

German as a foreign language. Our teaching methods and materials

are regularly updated, ensuring that our students receive the education

and training they deserve.

Alpha Aktiv has welcomed a number of students from all over the world.

We are able to adjust each students study vacation to his/her desires

and personal needs.

Alpha Aktiv is experienced in organizing study vacations for individuals

as well as groups. We are able to organise package study holidays for

large and small groups of students of any age.



At the end of every course, students are given a certificate of

attendance, indicating the obtained level and the number of study hours




The school does not accept any unaccompanied children under 16

years of age.



Heidelbergs popularity and attractiveness depends on 3 pillars: its

location, castle and university. Situated in the valley of Neckar river, the

beautiful old town with its unforgettable sights and narrow, picturesque

paths, is easily accessible on foot.

The main street, brimming with life, is ideal for all sorts of shopping or

casual and relaxing walk. For this reason, in this pedestrain area there

are no public transport or cars allowed to disturb the unique experience.

Heidelberg has always been known for its focus on eduaction:

Germany's first university has been founded here.



On arrival at the school, all students are given an initial placement test

aimed at determining each students knowledge of German. According

to the obtained result,which serves as a guideline, students are given a

personalised study plan, focused on helping them acquire and improve

the essential skills, namely: listening, speaking with the correct

pronunciation, reading and writing.

All courses are offered at 3 different levels:

- Basic level 1&2

- Intermediate 1&2

- Advanced

- DSH course (specifically oriented course/training preparing for the

university test)

Our school offers a wide range of courses tailored to suit students of all

ages and cultures. Students may opt to undertake a class with other

students, thus benefiting from the possibility of learning from fellow

students. Or they may choose a course where they are alone with the

teacher , thus gaining complete and undivided attention.

Through our experience, we have drafted a few combinations of

courses, which may be of interest to you. Should you wish to opt for

some other combination, such possibility may be looked into and the

details may be discussed.

Since providing individual attention is our aim , we favour small groups

of students (no more than 10 in each class).



Our method is simple and convincing. It is based on the esperinece

gained from teaching German as a foreign language:

- highly qualified and comitted teachers whose priority lies in the

learners interests

- academiclally based, appealing material

- a relaxed and cheerful working atmosphere with plenty of

practical exercises

- natural communication in German right from the first lesson

- helpful explanations and motivating tasks for the learners

- small classes with an average of 5-10 students

- many different course levels and a careful assessment of the

learners present knowledge

- weekly achievement tests and individual feedback

- an open-minded headmaster catering for the needs and

sugestions of the clients


OPTION ONE: Intensive course

(20 lessons a week)

The Course is based on the well-known course book “Stufen

International” created by the professors of Heidelberg University. The

above mentioned materials have been acknowledged and also used by

the Goethe Institut, which is world-wide known.

This course focuses on various aspects of German, including the


(a) Vocabulary, initially based on the minimum requirements enabling a

person to get along in a German-speaking environment;

(b) Grammar, including the most commonly used verbs and


(c) Pronunciation and spelling;

(d) Descriptive composition enabling the student to give - orally or in

writing - a description of himself/herself, his course, his family members,

his job etc.

(e) Writing short compositions/letters.

The success of any course depends on two major factors: the teachers

ability and experience as well as the students response and diligence.

One has to keep in mind that a language cannot be learned in a day or in

a week, but great progress can be - and has been - achieved in a

relatively short time, if a student diligently and willingly responds to the

teachers prompting, and devotes some time to the revison of the

presented learning material every day.


Lessons take place from Monday to Friday

Maximum of ten students in a class and a minimum of four.



(30 Lessons a week)

This course enables students to attend the General German course in

the morning, and to improve their conversation and speech through extra

conversation lessons in the afternoon (10 extra conversation lessons per

week). Through the discussions, dialogues and conversations that

students hold with the teacher and other fellow students, they are able to

concentrate on and improve their pronunciation and speaking skills in



Lessons take place from Monday to Friday.



(20 Lessons a week)

This course is specially designed for students who plan to study at a

German University and need to pass an examination in German (called

DSH). The course includes intensive training of different parts of the

exam: reading skills, listening comprehension, writing an essay on a

particular topic, description of graphics, work with certain grammar

structures, as well as preparation for the oral part of the exam.

Students who wish to apply for this course should have a good command

of German (at least upper intermediate).

The course takes place either in the morning or in the afternoon.

Time-table 1: Time table 2:



This course is designed for students who want to learn and improve their

level of German in a short time through undivided individual attention. This

course enables the teacher to solely focus on the individual, taking into

account his/her needs and weaknesses.

Time-table: to be discussed with the teacher

Lessons take place from Monday to Friday.

Focused completely on the individual, this class is a one to one - 1 student

to 1 teacher


According to the individual interests and needs of the clients, Alpha Aktiv

additionally offers other language course such as English, Spanish,

French, Polish, Russian etc.

Hauptstr. 90, 69117 Heidelberg, Deutschland

Tel: +496221 5880269, Fax: +496221 5880270




Registration: 20 EUR

Course Book (Basic Advanced Level): ca 25 EUR

Materials for DSH Course: 15 EUR




We have hand picked families that are licensed to accommodate students.

These families are selected on the merits of their educational background,

family environment and cultural and social interests.

Family accommodation is ideal for young students away from their

families, thus finding a substitute in the host family.


Sudent Residence is ideal for those who wish to keep in contact with other

students of the school. There is a possibility to share a flat. This includes

a single room with no board, but use of kitchen.

The price depends on the kind of residence, its location in the city centre

and the number of students living there.



We can assist students in finding their destination (family, student

residence etc.) from the airport.