New in February: English for beginners

The event will start on: 01 Feb 12 10:00
And will end on: 04 Apr 12 11:30
+357 25 340201
Location: Georgiou Karaiskaki 1, 3032 Limassol

General English for Beginners

This course is suitable for learners whose interest lies mainly in communication. The students on this course will be dealing with the English language in a natural context, which will enable them to cope with different situations in everyday life more easily. The course content is of contemporary interest, relating to real life, and is arranged flexibly to meet the needs of the whole class. Listening, reading, speaking and writing as the four important language skills will be equally practiced in the classroom. Your teacher will help you to study the language by giving you clear instructions and thus enabling you to develop and explain grammatical rules and structures independently. You will gain a solid linguistic base and make yourself more familiar with the characteristics and culture of your target language.

When can I start?
on Wednesday, 1.2.2012

How often?
Package of 20 lessons, two 90 minute lessons per week

10 weeks

On which days? 
Mondays and Wednesdays, 10.00 - 11.30

Package of 20 lessons: 

                      Students €280
                    Adults     €300
Minimum number of participants: 3
Maximum number of participants: 8

The teaching material is not included in the fees.