Martes el 31 de marzo

April 7, 2009 – 2:27 am

Today we started the unit on food. La comida unidad 7 pagina 57.

We looked at the four different meals Spanish people have:

El desayuno – breakfast, El almuerzo- lunch, La merienda (snacks at around 6.30, 7pm) y la cena- dinner.

For those meals come four verbs: desayunar (reg), almorzar(radical changing o>ue–> almuerzo…),merendar (radical changing e>ie –> meriendo) y cenar (reg)

Looked at vocab pages 58 and 59 and did listening ex 2page 59. Also looked at key phrases to order food or drinks in a restaurant with ex. 3 page 60.

Belowis a list of important verbs when talking about food:

comer – to eat (reg), beber- to drink (reg), traer- to bring (first person traigo, rest reg), pedir- to ask for (radical changing e>i –> pido, pides etc…), poner- to put (first person pongo, rest reg pones, pone…), deber- to owe (reg) and desear = querer- to want (reg)

homework: ex 1, 2 and 3 page 110

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