Martes el 24 de febrero

March 8, 2009 – 10:01 am


In the last few lessons we revised the present tense and also learnt about adjectives using unit 6 of the book.

We also worked on a short film talking about everyday life.

Today we started working on describing people. We talked about hair colours / eye colours and learnt vocabulary about parts of your face.

Attached is a powerpoint with details about hair/ eye colours and you can use the last few slides to practise. If you want to write a description of these people and bring your work in next lesson, I’ll be more than happy to correct it for you.

Also below is a list of parts of the face –> la cara

Los ojos – eyes, las orejas: ears, el frente: forehead, el menton: chin, los carrillos: cheeks, la boca: mouth, los dientes / las muelas : teeth, la nariz: nose, el pelo: hair, el cuello: neck

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